How Expedited Shipping Can Affect Your Sales

The word “sale” in the retail world is almost always associated with the holiday season. Although this is a joyous time of the year, it can be one of the most stressful times for retail store owners and especially eCommerce retailers who prepare to push inventory by slashing prices. This is especially true for online store owners, as most of them carry out the fulfillment of their orders in-house. But, in order to take advantage of the opportunities the peak-season brings, e-Commerce retailers must avoid the perils that accompany failing to provide shoppers with a guarantee on both the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment.

Some of the most common errors that effect the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment are:

  • Difficulty managing inventory across multiple selling channels (Example: Ebay, Shopify …)
  • Picking and Packing wrong products/SKUs
  • Manually updating the inventory after processing orders
  • Generating invoices and Verifying payment
  • Tracking shipments

When it comes to online shopping, your customers want their items fast and as far as shipping goes- they don’t want to pay a lot. In fact, they prefer to pay nothing at all. With only 26 shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, fast delivery options play a huge role in holiday sales. More importantly, research into tracking online consumer behaviour shows that, a majority of online shoppers have extended their stay on a website looking for more products to add to their shopping cart, just to reach the minimum totals required for free shipping -a feature offered by most online retailers.

Your Brand’s Reputation

Taking a long time to get your product to the customer, or even worse, sending out the wrong product can lead to your online store losing upto half of its customers who might never return to your website. The worst part about this, is that  dissatisfied eCommerce shoppers frequently air their frustrations out online in the form of direct reviews – which then embeds itself into the world wide web and acts as a permanent blemish on your business or brand, that won’t easily wash off. This is exactly what Yukadia’s solutions work to avoid and refer to, when they say that they are committed to protecting and growing the reputation of eCommerce retailers with fast and accurate order fulfillment. Furthermore, a single unhappy customer can share their grievances in-person with their circle of friends, family and colleagues; which can sometimes amount to as many as 15 people. That is, without taking into account the impact of social media where under the right unfortunate circumstances, has the power to propel one negative post to an audience of thousands of potential customers.

Upon reading the consequences of failures in the process of fulfilling orders, an online store owner needs to pay close attention and avoid it at all costs. As an eCommerce merchant who fulfills orders in-house, you must make sure that you plan and prepare a process that ensures accurate order fulfillment during the holiday season or any peak times, in general. It is crucial to forecast, plan ahead and create a tested system, that is scalable, and remain focused during the holidays to prevent errors.

With the expected stress and time constraints that the holidays are sure to bring, busy retailers who plan to ship anything more than about 20 orders per day should consider outsourcing their fulfillment to a third party logistics provider. It is also important to partner up with a provider that can guarantee accurate orders and shipping within atleast 24 hours. These guarantees will help protect your brand’s reputation and ensure happy and therefore, repeat customers.



Yukadia Inc. is an asset-based third party logistics firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to providing dependable and cost effective storage and eCommerce order fulfillment services. We truly understand the changing needs of a supply chain that come with expanding your business.