10 best mailing Insert Ideas

Looking for Marketing Insert Ideas? Here are 10!

For some people, such as myself, shopping online is fun and exciting. I believe, and have found, that an online shopping experience is greater than simply cutting the tape and opening the packaging of what I’ve received. The excitement boils up from the moment a website is visited, the shopping cart is loaded, the item(s) selected are reviewed, and the order is confirmed. All with just the click of a button. It’s that simple.

But have you ever wondered how that experience can be made even much more thrilling?

Shared with a few personal experiences and thoughts of my own, below are 10 ideas for packaging inserts that I believe can add that extra touch to an unboxing experience.

1. Product Samples

Product Sample Insert

Who doesn’t appreciate a free sample? I know I sure do. Not only does giving away a free sample with an online purchase display a company’s confidence in their products, but also their trust in future growth. It opens up opportunities for consumers to try something they may not know is offered or may have been interested in trying in the future.


2. Sample Selection Option During Checkout

While I am given the freedom to add and remove from my online shopping cart as I choose, having the option to select from a range of free sample items to add towards my purchase can ensure that I’m receiving something I know for certain I will be interested and excited to try once my package is received.

3. Product Information Booklet

Product Information Booklet Insert

Product information booklets are a great way to enhance consumer’s understanding of the item(s) they’ve received. I’ve especially found that detailed and visual booklets that come in my package and contain information about the ingredients or fabrication of a product creates a level of transparency between myself and the brand I’m ordering from. My desire and commitment to their products in the future is also increased as a positive relationship with a brand has been established.


4. Upcoming Promotions and Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive Discount Insert

I know that I’ve never been discouraged by an upcoming promotion or discount. Receiving notice about an upcoming promotion such as 25% off a purchase of $50 or more or receiving an exclusive discount with my online purchase is a great way to secure the possibility of a purchase in the near future.


5. Social Media Connections

Social Media Insert

Now a day, it’s difficult for companies to operate without a strong social media presence. Many brands can be found expanding through Facebook, Twitter, Instagam, etc. An effective way that a brand can share this information with their consumers is through a lists their various social media platforms. This is a great way for them to expand recognition and for their followers to be informed instantly about their products.


6. Personalized Touch

I’ve recently began ordering from a company that sends in my package my online order receipt with a ‘Thank You’ along with the name of an individual involved in the process of packaging my items handwritten on it. Although this may take a little extra effort on their part, a ‘Thank You’ card or note simply adds a special touch and makes the unboxing experience that much more personalized.

7. Stickers, Magnets, Buttons, etc.

Stickers Insert

Stickers for a laptop, a magnet for the fridge, or a button for a backpack. These are great ways for consumers to showcase their appreciation and display to others their loyalty to a particular brand and product.


8. A Gift Add-On

Gift Add-On Insert

I’ve never ordered a new pair of shoes and received a pair of socks as a gift added to my purchase. However, if possible, this is a great way for a brand to add-on something relevant and another way to say thank you for a purchase made with them. This could open the possibility for future purchases to be made of those exact items that were added to an online purchase.


9. Mailing Subscription

While it is more common for subscriptions to be done online, magazine companies are known for inserting a mailing subscription form with an edition of a magazine they are sending out to their customers. While digital magazines are becoming more prevalent, some people still enjoy a hardcopy and flipping its pages.

10. A Special Invitation

When a brand is in the process of opening up a new store or a pop-up shop, a great way for them to inform their consumers about it can be through personally inviting them to visit the new or temporary location. Especially for consumers who frequently order online, they may be interested in knowing about an in-stores location arriving closer to them.

Special Event Invitation Insert









Now that you know what some brands are doing to really connect with their customers, you can too! You can either do them yourself or enlist the help of a print company or ask a fulfillment company if they offer this as an additional service.



Samantha is a blogger for Yukadia Inc.