Patience is a Prerequisite for Online Shopping

Ordering online can surely be quite the experience. Here’s a personal account of one of my many.

It was just about time for an upgrade to my smartphone of 3 years. Everyone around me had the latest phones, newest features and most recent updates. Let’s just say I felt a little left out. I spent countless hours looking up the right phone on a reasonably set budget. Kijiji, GSM Arena and YouTube were just a few of the many sites I would frequent throughout my search.

New tech products have always been exciting to me. Whenever I sought out something new to explore, I quickly become hooked with having it right away. Hence, the countless hours spent online. When I finally decided that I wasn’t interested in buying a phone second hand, was impressed with all the specs of one particular phone, and confirmed through phone reviews that it was worth the buy, I knew I would have to sit back and be patient as this would turn out to be an online purchase.

So here’s what happened:

I accessed the Canadian website of the phone I had planned to order and added it to my shopping cart. I checked that it could be ordered through PayPal as I’ve had one too many experiences with fraudulent encounters online, and voila! The transaction was completed at 1:40 am on a Friday morning. Fast forward 3 days, my phone had been shipped. There is no greater feeling than receiving that tracking number and knowing your product is in transit.

From LA, to Cincinnati, to Ontario in half a day. Refresh page. My phone was arriving Tuesday. Refresh page, again. By 10:53 am, my phone was ‘with delivery courier’. Mind you, I had to leave for work in about 3 hours. So this truck better hurry up! Because there was no way I was willing to wait one more day to pick it up somewhere else when I had already patiently waited for three. 2:00 pm came and left. Was I willing to be late for work? Apparently. 2:30 came and left. Still no delivery truck. It was time to leave as I told my manager I would be arriving soon. Great, I thought. I’m late for work for nothing. I took the same route to work as I always do.

That route on that day happened to be the same route I just so happened to see the distinctively identifiable delivery truck going down the same street that could lead to my house. Could it be? I thought. I was late anyways, so what did I have to lose? Instead of making a left, I made a right, and yes, I followed the courier truck all the way back to my house. I signed for the package at 2:41 and was off to work.

I took the heat for being late. But was it worth it? Absolutely.


Thanks OnePlus for my new phone and perfectly timed delivery.

Never Settle – OnePlus (Canada)


Samantha is a blogger for Yukadia Inc.